Brandmark Collective

Translating Iconic Brands into the Hospitality Space


BMC was established to take globally iconic brands into the hospitality space (hotels, resorts, residences, private clubs, food and drink outlets and spas) on one centralized platform.

We strive to optimize returns for our developers & owners and are focused on creating the ultimate guest experiences across all of our brands.

we craft experiences. BMC assists our brand partners to seamlessly extend their brands into the hospitality space: protecting and enhancing their brand equity.

BMC works with our brand partners to help them achieve their brand strategy and goals, targeting the locations and markets where they need to be.

Diversified Platform

We Cover Five Integrated Verticals

Hotel & Resorts

Traditional hotel and resort model as appropriate for each brand partner.

Private Clubs

Private club overlay on the traditional hotel and restaurant model.


Urban and resort spas: integrated and stand-alone.

Food & Drink

Targeting F&B outlets in high foot traffic locations (city center, malls, mixed use, etc.). Concepts include nightclubs, fine dining, brasseries, cafes and fast casual.


Strategic brand licensing and interior concepts for projects in international gateway markets.


Brand & Experience Led
Value Creation

Brand Suite

'Under One Roof', across multiple customer segments and markets to meet the differing needs of each project and developer/owner.

Translating the Brands

Craft unique hospitality products built to the specific DNA and incorporating the creative essence and aesthetic of each brand.

Existing Customer Base

Leverage the existing brand affiliation and market profile of established fashion and lifestyle brands to deliver an inbuilt customer base and revenue opportunities for each hospitality product.


In-house management of hotels, resorts, residences and private clubs delivering consistent customer experiences and services.

Business Model

Asset light strategy. To grow our suite of globally recognized brands through long term win win brand and hotel management agreements.

Creating Unique Experiences

Create 'destination' and 'experience driven' hotels, residences and resorts for both the international market and locals with a focus on food and drink and a private membership component, in certain markets.

Central Expertise/Local Execution

Central creative, technical services and operations teams across multiple brands and geographic locations deliver scale and scope of economies executed locally.

Owner Focused

Owner friendly model, process and cost structure for each brand and hospitality product. Flexibility for management JV structures.

Strategic Markets

High growth and Tier 1 markets aligned with the brand's customer base and brand positioning.

Operations Philosophy

Creating the Ultimate Guest Experience

Customer experience as our starting point - guests are focal in all our thoughts and actions across all brands. We place the guest experience at the centre of everything we do.

"Reverse thinking model" - applied to design all processes with the guest in mind. We are obsessed about every detail of the Guest Journey, seamlessly integrated across all functions of the hotel.

Creating memorable experiences, small and large - unforgettable and loyalty enhancing.

Individualized experience for our guests - offering one-on-one personalized engagement at every touch point, online in the digital space, or in a distinctive physical arena.

Team members are individuals - with personalities, coached and empowered in an engaging working environment. They are intuitive and interact with our guests at every step of the journey.

BMC Talent Management - Our people create the guest experience and are our core assets. The "BMC Talent Development Cycle" is a structured process to develop our talent and to define and measure performance. Leaders are fundamental enablers and are selected, developed and appraised agains the "BMC Leadership Profile".


Uniquely Diversified International Experience | Sector Relevant

Board of Directors

Tony Kurz

Brett Mankey

Wolfgang M. Neumann
Non Executive Director

Executive Team

Tony Kurz
Chief Executive Officer

Mark Symonds
Chief Development Officer

David Williams
Chief Creative Officer

Monique Singer
EVP of Marketing & Branding

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